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Apr 15
Loon is back on the lake.

Apr 12
Hooded and Common mergansers are back on the lake

Mar 12
A few geese flew over looking for open water

Nov 20
Common and Hooded Mergansers still on the lake.
Ice starting to form around the shore line.

Oct 26
Black birds are still around the lake.

Oct 15
Hooded mergansers seen on the lake today

Oct 08
Common mergansers are back on the lake.

Oct 06
Hundreds of black birds gathered around the lake.

Sept 04
First flock of geese flew over the lake today.

May 12
Humming birds are back at the feeder

May 7
Red Breasted Grosbeaks are back.

May 1
American Goldfinch in yellow
Purple Finch
Both returned today

April 30
Loons are back
The loons have been circling the lake every morning for the last few days. Today there is enough open water that they landed.
Two common mergansers
Two hooded mergansers
also landed in the small patch of open water.

April 19
Robins are back as well

April 16
Slate-colored Juncos - very few open ground spots but enough for the Juncos

March 30
No change in the birds coming to the feeder.
Just lots more than usual.
Common Redpoll sometimes more than 75 birds
Black Capped Chickadee 10-15
the occasional red-breasted nuthatch
even rarer white-breasted nuthatch

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