Lake Hughes gives up a big one

This 20 pound lake trout was caught in late May 2003 on Lake Hughes by Mike Manconi.  His two buddies sat back, put their feet up and settled in for a show of their fishing career.  It took well of 20 minutes to land the monster from the depths.  Mike and the fish fought back and fourth.  On three occasions Mike reeled the trout to within 8 feet of the boat.  Each time the fish darted back into the depths.  On the fourth attempt the fish was netted.  But the battle was not over.  The net broke.  Reaching over the side of the boat the net and fish were grabbed from the water and tossed into the boat.  This trophy trout will soon adorn the fireplace overlooking the lake it once called home.  Many other fish caught this day and on previous expeditions were caught and released.