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Humming bird nectar
Do You Think They're trying to tell us something
Beavers are a protected wildlife. The only way to curb the population of the beaver is to have them trapped. Trapping beavers is not a financially viable solution. The price of beaver furs is at a low. Finding someone to come and trap the beavers is expensive. It is left to each resident to protect the trees on their own property. This can easily be done by wrapping the base of the tree with chicken wire. You can purchase chicken wire at Farmers Supply in Lachute. Get wire at least 3 ft. wide. The wrap should start at the ground and go up the tree to a height that the beaver can not reach, usually 3 ft. (the width of the roll). Wrap the tree with two-three layers around the tree. You will have to check the wrap every year. As the tree grows you will have to loosen the wrap. Beavers love maple and birch, but they will not stop there. Hemlock, cedar and even pine and spruce trees have had their bark remove by beavers. If you have a tree you like then wrap it. Don't take a chance.

If you notice the beavers making a lodge near your property or else where on the lake contact the Association President or any of the Directors. It is easier to dismantle a partially built lodge than a well established lodge.

Wind Burst August 16 2007

On August 16 2007 around 3:30 in the afternoon a wind and rain storm quickly passed through Lake Hughes . It left a very distinct path of destruction. It started above Lake Hughes West passed across Pointe aux Vent out across the lake. It clipped the point at Campers Beach then again crossed the lake and finally ended at Horseshoe Road . Every tree in its path was snapped or toppled over. There was only minor damage to one house. The scars will remain on the landscape for many years.

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