Apr 2
Slate-colored Juncos returned this weekend. After all of the rain the lake is complete covered with a thin layer of water.

Mar 26
Again no new birds this week. However I did see a chipmunk. Spring is on its way.

Mar 12
No new birds this week. Just snow. And lots of it. If your roof is not shoveled get it done. The Commons roof collapsed this week. It is no more.

Mar 5
One Blue jay returned to the feeder this weekend. First one since Dec. 11. Who ever is feeding them and keeping them from my feeder...thanks. As well one red nuthatch came for a few seeds. Last seen was Dec 25.

Feb 19
One Redpoll returned. Although slightly smaller than a Chickadee this one Redpoll kept over 20 Chickadees from getting to the feeder.

Feb 12
American Goldfinch came to the feeder for the first time this winter.  It is Quebec's official bird.  This is a picture in winter plumage

Jan 16
Confirmed sighting of a gray owl

Dec 25
Lots of birds came to the feeder this week.

Red nuthatch
White nuthatch
Redpoll hoary finch
Downy woodpecker

Dec 21
A large brown owl was seen around pine point.

Dec 18
Same as last week only colder. Merry Xmas

Dec 11
The lake is covered in snow. The only birds are chickadees and blue jays.

Dec 4
Duck are gone for this year. The lake is frozen over.

Nov 28
4 Common Mergansers on the lake enjoying the fish.

Nov 21
Ice is gone but it will be back
Mergansers still on the lake.

Nov 14
Ice started forming around shore line
Hooded Mergansers have returned to the lake
8:00 am - 3
11:00 am - 8
1:00 pm - 14
3:00 pm - over 20

One Canadian Otter seen on the lake

Oct 24
No sign of the loons on the lake

July 23
Babies off parents backs and swimming on their own

July 16
Babies on backs and swimming beside Mom & Dad

July 9
two babies on loons back

June 25
Loons seen using nest

Apr 24 2004
Ice breaks enough for the first two loons to land