April 15
American goldfinch are back and in yellow colors

April 1
Slate-colored Juncos are back in big numbers 40-50 at times. they won't stay long.

March 18
Same birds all winter.
Over the next few weeks there should be a lot of new ones
Common Redpoll
Redpoll Hoary
White nut hatch

Jan 7
The usual winter birds are around.
American Goldfinch
Common Redpoll
Redpoll Hoary
White nut hatch
Blue jays

Nov 19
Common Mergansers are gone.
Hooded Mergansers remain.
American Goldfinch in their winter colors are back.
Common Redpoll returned for the winter.

Nov 12
30-35 Hooded Mergansers accompanied by 4-5 gulls and 25-30 Common Mergansers were on the lake all week end.

Oct 29
Hooded Mergansers have returned to the lake

Oct 22
I did not hear nor see the loons. If you have please let me know. Red and White nuthatch, Blue jays, Slate Juncos and chickadees are still around in large numbers.

Oct 15
Heard the loons on the lake but I did not see them.

Oct 1
Juncos still around. Red and white nuthatch have been here all week. And chickadee's by the herd. Two young Canadian geese have been on the lake for some time now. They are grassing on the lawns near the lake. Flocks of 8-10 to 100-150 geese have been flying overhead daily. Sunday about 75 landed on the lake. They did not stay long. Only one baby loon and one adult loon on the lake. The Osprey is back fishing again. Getting some really big trout.

Sept 24
The migrating birds are starting to show up. There were at least 20 Slate-colored Juncos at the feeder this week end. They were last here on April 2 2005.
Two juvenile loons were on the lake this week end. Both were practicing takeoffs. They ran across the water with their wings flapping but never actually took flight.

Sept 17
Friendly Loon, 0938-15273 has out done himself. I found him on my shoreline today. He allowed me to touch him enough to get his band number. I will be posting the whole story shortly.

Aug 20
New Sighting : I saw (actually caught - he hit our window - he is OK and was let go) a yellow bellied flycatcher. This is a very small bird.

Aug 13
It appears that the loon got the line off himself. Un attended fishing lines is not legal. There is a 'friendly loon' on the lake. This loon will swim within feet of humans. Please do not chase the loon.

Aug 6
One of the loons was spotted with a fishing line and bobber tangled around him. He is having trouble swimming. Efforts were made to catch and release the line

July 23
3 adult loons on the lake for the day.
Not sure if two of the three are the Lake Hughes loons or all three are visiting.

July 16
Only one baby left.

July 10
Both babies are diving.

June 29
Confirmed. There are two babies on the lake.

June 26
There are rumors of baby loon sighting.
Nothing confirmed yet.
Also reports of three loons on the lake.

June 11
Extremely hot on the lake.
Gumpy is doing well
Very few birds are visiting the feeder. No new ones.

May 29
Nothing to report this weekend.
I spent the weekend in the city taking care of our bird
Gumpy the mullican cockatoo
His surgery went well. It is now a waiting game.

May 21
Another wet dull weekend. Along with the first sailboat seen on the lake this weekend I also saw these bird for the first time this year.

Hairy Woodpecker
Red Breasted Grosbeak

May 14
Humming birds are back
Many Canadian geese seen flying over head.  Apparently they landed in great number last week.  I did not witness it.

May 7
It has been very windy the last two weekend but it has not kept the regular visitors away nor stopped new visitors.

Pine Grosbeak
Purple Finch
White breasted Nuthatch
American Goldfinch

Apr 30
Two loons are on the lake now.

Apr 24
A pair of common mergansers landed on the lake today.

Apr 23
Enough ice left the west edge of the lake for a single loon to land.

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