Oct 21
Hooded Mergansers have returned to the lake
Common Mergansers are still here. Snowed and stayed on the ground for a few hours on Sunday.

Oct 14
8-10 common mergansers on the lake I have not seen the loons all week end. I beleive they have gone south.

Oct 8
Slate colored juncos are back.

Oct 1
Only saw the one baby on the lake. Did not see the parent all weekend

Sept 9
Loons still on the lake

Aug 12
Mini loon reunion this week end.

Aug 5
One baby left - no sign of the second baby

July 31
The babies are getting very large. Diving and eating all day.

July 8
Two babies loons are on the lake. One was seen swimming with the parents on Saturday. Sunday there were two.

May 20
Another wet dull weekend.
A few White Crowned Sparrows on their migration route to northern Quebec stopped this weekend.
The red-breasted-nuthatch are back.

May 13
Another wet dull weekend. I saw Red Breasted Grosbeak for the first time this year.

May 6
Humming birds are back
Many Canadian geese seen flying over head.

April 29
It has been a great weather week
Pine Grosbeak
Purple Finch

Apr 23
Heard the first loon on the lake.

Apr 21
A pair of common mergansers landed on the lake today.
Purple Finch returned to the feeder today.

April 15
American Goldfinch
are back and in yellow colors

April 1
Slate-colored Juncos are back in big numbers 40-50 at times. they won't stay long.

March 18
Same birds all winter.
Over the next few weeks there should be a lot of new ones
Common Redpoll
Redpoll Hoary
White nut hatch

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