Dec 7
Bluejays and American Goldfinch are gone.
One slatecolored junco comes to the feeder every day.

Nov 17
Common Red poll are back.
American goldfinch in winter colors are back
white and red breasted nuthatch are still around
A few Bluejays come by once in a while
Black Capped chickadee by the dozens are here every day
The Hairy and Downy woodpecker make a daily visit.
Slate colored Junco have left.

Oct 21
Did not see the loon this weekend.
three canadian geese were on the lake today.

Oct 14
6 small common mergansers on the lake

Oct 14
Only the baby loon is still on the lake.

Sept 15
The baby loon and both parents are still on the lake.

Aug 26
The baby loon is strengthening his wing by flapping and standing up on the water.

Aug 11
5-7 Cedar waxwings landed in blueberries today.

Aug 11
5-7 Cedar waxwings landed in blueberries today.

Aug 4
A single Magnolia Warbler was hopping around on the ground for the last two days. I do not expect him to stay very long.

June 2
The red-breasted-nuthatch are back.

May 19
Purple Finch and Red Breasted Grosbeak returned to the feeder this weekend

May 12
Humming birds are back.

Apr 29
Two Loons have landed on the lake.

Apr 14
Slate-colored Juncos back. 20-30 at a time

Apr 7
Hairy Woodpecker returned for the first time

Winter 2006-2007
Very few verities of birds visited this winter.
No Redpolls
Goldfinch were the only birds. there were many.

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