Apr 12
Birds have started to return.
Slate-colored Juncos
Purple Finch
American Goldfinch - Just starting to turn yellow
Common Redpoll, Chickadee and red-breasted-nuthatch still around

Apr 11

Mar 28
While on a walk I say an American Robin

Mar 21
No change in the birds comming to the feeder
Common Redpoll 40-50
Black Capped Chickadee 10-15
red-breasted-nuthatch 1 at a time

But there should be returning birds shortly.

Jan 24
One White Breasted Nuthatch came to the feeder today.

Jan 10
Common Redpoll are back
Regular visitors coming :
Red-Breasted Nuthatch
American Goldfinch
Pine Grosbeak
Blue Jay
Hairy Woodpecker

Dec 13
Pine Grosbeak are comm ming to the feeder on a daily basis.

Nov 29
The American Goldfinch are back at the feeder.
Juncos are gone

Nov 22
Juncos and Blue jays joined the Chickadee and nuthatch.
A hairy woodpecker came to get seed on Sunday.
There is one Common Merganser is still on the lake.

Nov 15
About 6 Hooded Mergansers were on the lake for a very short time today.

Nov 8
Birds at the feeder
Black Capped Chickadee
Have not seen the loon in a few weeks

Nov 1
Small flock (10-12) common mergansers on the lake today.
Osprey has been flying around the lake recently.

Oct 17
Slate-colored Juncos back.

Aug 27
Merganser still here
1 loon still on the lake
1 osprey seen over the lake

Aug 15
5 Merganser on the lake

Aug 2
Loons are off the nest. There were no babies this year.
There has been a loon reunion going on for the last few days.
There are as many as 9 loons at a time on the lake

July 5
Loons are on the nest

The loons eggs did not hatch
Members of the Canadian Environment department removed the eggs.
It is hoped that the loons will lay another batch.

May 10
Purple Finch and Red Breasted Grosbeak returned to the feeder this weekend
Two Pileated woodpeckers can be seen and heard around the lake.
Humming Birds are back.

May 3
Northern Flicker came by this weekend.

Apr 26
Two Loons have landed on the lake.

Apr 12
Slate-colored Juncos back. 20-30 at a time.

Apr 5
Common Redpoll's have left.
Very few birds visited this weekend

Winter 2007-2008
The usual birds visited daily all winter:
Common Redpolls
Black Capped Chickadee

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