Dec 18
The lake is completely frozen

Dec 11
Most of the lake is frozen over.
There are no more water birds left.

Dec 5
There are still a few hooded meganzers on the lake.

Nov 20
Over 20 Hooded Mergansers returned to the lake to feed.

Nov 6
Blue Heron was still on the lake today

Oct 30
1 Loon on the lake feeding.

Oct 23
42 American Coot spent the day on the lake

Oct 9
Slate-colored Juncos are back under the feeder

Oct 2
still see the Common Merganser from time to time.
Canadian geese have been flying over. A few have landed for a short period.
Humming birds are gone.
1 baby loon still on the lake

Sep 18
Great Blue Heron is still around

Sep 11
Only 8 Common Mergansers today
One Spotted Sandpiper along the beach

Sep 4
On the lake today
13 Canadian Geese
9 Common Mergansers
Thousands upon thousands of ants

Aug 30
Still two babies - well not babies any more. They are very large. They dive for fish themselves. They are not flying yet.
The usual birds are still at the feeder - Chickadee, American Goldfinch, Nuthatch - Red and White

July 14
Two baby loons swimming behind loons this morning Babies hatch in 26-31 days.
for more info click on LOON WATCH above

June 28
Loons are on the nest - very late

Apr 25
Three loons on the lake.
Blue Heron is back as well.

Apr 20
Two loons landed on the lake today. They chased away the common mergansers.

Apr 18
Three common mergansers landed in the smallest patch of ice possible.

Apr 12
Birds have started to return.
Slate-colored Juncos
Purple Finch
American Goldfinch - Just starting to turn yellow
Common Redpoll, Chickadee and red-breasted-nuthatch still around

Mar 28
While on a walk I say an American Robin

Mar 21
No change in the birds coming to the feeder
Common Redpoll 40-50
Black Capped Chickadee 10-15
red-breasted-nuthatch 1 at a time

But there should be returning birds shortly.

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