Dec 4
Common Redpolls are back. They were not seen last winter at the feeder.

Nov 28
Ice staying around the edge of the lake.
and one canada goose

Nov 18
four bufflehead ducks on the lake. These are rarely seen around here.

Oct 29
common mergansers on the lake
Owl hanging around lake hughes west

Oct 22
20 hooded mergansers on the lake.

Oct 16
First of the mergansers are back. 3-4 hooded, 2-3 common.

Oct 9
Slate-colored Juncos back.

Sep 25
Geese by the hundreds flying over this week.

Sep 18
heard the first of the geese flying over head

Sep 4
First hurricane of the season. The gulls are back.

Aug 27
There has been more than one Blue Heron on the lake at a time lately

Aug 7
black and white warbler showed up on the ground around the feeder today.

July 31
There are three loons on the lake.

July 24
magnolia warblers are around the feeder again

July 14
Both loons on the lake together again
No sign of any babies

June 4
Both Loons were on the lake together
June is nesting time.
Incubation last 26 to 31 days
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May 16
Loons have settled in for the summer
Juncos, Purple Finch, American Goldfinch, Black Capped Chickadee, red-breasted-nuthatch, white-breasted-nuthatch and Hairy Woodpecker are still regulars to the feeder

April 17
Heard a loon on the lake last night.
It did not stay on the lake

April 16
Blue Heron is back at the inlet

April 10
Enough of the inlet opened to welcome ducks

April 3
40 - 50 Slate colored juncos on the open ground around the feeder

March 27
First Purple Finch this year at the feeder

March 6
First sign of the American Goldfinch

Feb 14
still coming to the feeder
Black Capped Chickadee
Hairy Woodpecker

Dec 28
Have not seen any Goldfinch lately

Dec 21
Northern Shrike has been around the feeder.

Dec 18
The lake is completely frozen over.
Birds coming to the feeder
Black Capped Chickadee
American Goldfinch
Hairy Woodpecker

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