Synchronized Sailing comes to Lake Hughes
      Twelve boats entered the first sailboat race of the year.  Six Lasers, one Laser II, four Sunfish and one CL11 all started at 2:00 pm on Sunday June 29.  The winds were strong and swirling.  They lasted the whole race.  Two Lasers and one of the Sunfish tipped during the race.  All righted and finished. 
      Mike Manconi crossed the finish line 25 seconds in front of second place Mike Ward.  The two put on a spectacular display of synchronized sailing not seen in years.  They were never separated by more than a few seconds and a few meters.  Matching turn for turn and tack for tack.  Kevin Cameron and Stuart Price put on a similar display in their Sunfish.  Kevin edged out Stuart by 14 seconds.

July 1 2003