Trophy, Trophy, who gets the Trophy?
In 1975 Erin Chion donated a trophy to the Lake Hughes Association to be handed out to the winner of the annual sailboat races. Over the years there has been many participants and many different types of boats. There has been on average 3-4 boats competing each year. 1987 is the only year in which the races were not held. It must have been a dry summer. Not enough water to keep the center boards off the bottom.
      Over the last few years the number of boats entering the races has increased. The winner of the race is determined by applying a handicap to the actual time to arrive at a balanced net time. Is it fair? You may cross the finish line first in a Laser and end up in fourth place. First to third going to Sunfish. This makes it difficult to create a sense of competition between sailors, a rivalry amongst friends. In 2002 the Cameron's donated a second sailing trophy to the Lake Hughes Association. Commodore Neil Cameron proposes to split the race into two classes. A Laser and similar handicapped class and a Sunfish and similar handicapped class.  But which trophy goes to which group.  The last three years the trophy has been won by Sunfish, give the original trophy to them?  There are more Lasers than Sunfish, give them the original trophy.  There are two months to make a decision.  If you have any comments send them in.
      Members of the Lake Association have donated a small trophy to be handed out to the winner of each race.  These trophies are keeper trophies, not to be returned to the association.  The association has purchased gold, silver and bronze medallions for each of the four races.  These will be handed out to fist, second and third place as determined by applying a handicap to the actual race time.

July 6 2003