Trophy, Trophy, who gets the Trophy?
This year it was even harder to determine who gets what than it was in 2003. In 2003 we had more that enough sailors all competing for 1st place bragging rights. This year there were very few sailors. There were only two crews that entered all three races. Kevin Cameron in a sunfish and the crew of Trina Bird and Claire Moore in a CL11. Bruno Este and Bill and Graham Topp entered two of the races, the rest only entered one race. In years past the CL11's were lumped into the sunfish class. But not this year. The CL11's were moved to the laser class giving Trina Bird and Claire Moore crew the Laser trophy for 2005.
Kevin Cameron entered and won all three races in the Sunfish class. This is his third trophy winning year in a row. It is his last. In an effort to encourage more people to sail there is a three in a row limit on the trophy.
Plaques were handed out again this year. A plaque for the fastest time after handicap is handed out for each race. You can only get one plaque per year. If you win a second it is handed out to a deserving crew. This years plaques went to Kevin Cameron for race #1, Robert Berry for race #3, Tenser and Topp for race #4 and Trina Bird and Claire Moore for never giving up.
Once again many thanks go out to the starters Pat Fahey, Marion Gilmer and Neil Cameron. With out a starter the race would never get off the starting line. Although the number of racers was not a great as years past there was always a couple of boats in each race to make it an enjoyable and competitive day. The first race was twice around the marker the remaining two races were once around. The rule of thumb is if the first boat to complete the first lap can do it in under a half hour then there are two laps. This keeps the total race time to 1.5 hrs. which is long enough for the starters to be out in the sun. One race was cancelled because there was no wind.
Thanks to all the sailors who came out. Hope to see you next year.
Sept 12 2005