Trophy, Trophy, who gets the Trophy?
The face of sailing on Lake Hughes is changing. It is very evident this year. We had only one sunfish enter the racing. In years gone by there have been up to six sunfish. One CL 11 and one tanzer entered. The remaining eight boats were lasers.

It was very competitive this year. The first two races had 4 lasers entered. The third race had 5 lasers and the fourth and last race had 6. Each race was determined in a minute or less. David Berry won the laser trophy with 2 wins in race 2 and 3 and a second place finish in race 4. He finished only 48 seconds behind Robert Berry. Congratulations David. well done.

The non laser division was very difficult to pick a winner as there were so few racers. There were three boats and each only entered one race. The trophy was given to Bill and Graham Topp. Due to travel arrangements they only entered the one race this year. However they have entered the sailing races every year and every chance they can. The Dunns were awarded a plaque.

Plaques were handed out again this year. A plaque for the fastest time is handed out for each race. You can only get one plaque per year. If you win a second it is handed out to a deserving crew. This years plaques went to Mike Ward for race #1, Erin and David Berry for race#2 and #3, and Erin and Down Dunn for race #4.

Once again many thanks go out to the starters Pat Fahey and Marion Gilmer. With out a starter the race would never get off the starting line.

Thanks to all the sailors who came out. Hope to see you next year.

Sept 17 2007