Trophy, Trophy, who gets the Trophy?

It was very disappointing sailing season this year. Only 4 sailors entered the races this year. THree only entered 1 race.

The non laser division was very easy to pick a winner as there was only one racer - Roland David. Roland last entered a race in 2005. Hope to see you in 2009 for a repeat performance.

The laser class was won by Neil Cameron. He was the only racer that entered more than one race.

Plaques were handed out again this year. A plaque for the fastest time is handed out for each race. You can only get one plaque per year. If you win a second it is handed out to a deserving crew. This years plaques went to Mike Ward for race #1, Neil Cameron for race#2, and Bruno Este for race #4.

Once again many thanks go out to the starters Pat Fahey and Marion Gilmer. With out a starter the race would never get off the starting line.

Thanks to all the sailors who came out. Hope to see you next year.

Sept 2008